Victoria passed laws to allow for voluntary assisted dying in 2017.
Western Australia followed in 2019.
Tasmania will debating voluntary assisted dying legislation in a matter of weeks.

But the ACT and the Northern Territory can’t do this.
We can’t even contemplate legislation in this space.
Because, in 1997, the Australian parliament banned us.

In 1997, the Australian parliament inserted a clause into the ACT and NT’s Self-Government Acts which states that we have no power to make laws with respect to voluntary assisted dying.

This is unfair and unreasonable.

While states around Australia are passing legislation for voluntary assisted dying, Territory citizens are being denied our democratic rights.
Our lives – especially the end of our lives – should be governed by our laws.
But we’ve been banned on the basis of where we live.

The citizens of the ACT and the NT deserve the same rights as any other Australian.  

Changing this is in the hands of 151 federal MPs and 76 Senators.
Almost all of whom are from a State, not a Territory.
Some of whom do not even know that this unfair situation exists – and that it’s up to them to change it.

Does this matter to you?
It matters to us.
And we need to make it matter to them.

We cannot get this changed with the efforts of ACT and NT citizens alone.

We need your help.

There are three things you can do in just 5 minutes.

  1. Sign the petition.
  2. Write to or call any Senator or any MP of your choice to:
    – remind them that this exists
    – remind them that it’s in their hands to change it
    – ask them what they’re going to do about it
    – ask if it matters to them – because it matters to you
  3. Ask your friends and family to do 1 & 2.

Want to know more? Read the history of this unfair, unreasonable and undemocratic situation.